Abolano Records Presents "The Element Tree"

by Tree Dusk Muir


EX2 aka E Times Two, set off to harvest the endangered elements of hip hop beyond the confines of the west coast. The exploration for fertile soil landed them in Roanoke, Virginia; home to TDM aka Tree Dusk Muir. The combination of uninhibited beats and obscure rhymescapes from TDM, synthesized with the “in your face”, reality raps of the EX2 crew cultivated a new matrix…The Element Tree.

The Element Tree is Gel Roc & Vyrus of EX2 and Ovate & Rezult of TDM. This full length album contains additional contributions from fellow EX2 crew members Regret & Syn, TDM family Toobz, Nakral, & Abomination as well as Awol One, Riddlore, Jizzm, Neila, Mascaria, Roach The DJ, & 1985Beats.


released November 11, 2010



Tree Dusk Muir Virginia

Tree Dusk Muir is Ovate, Rezult, Vyrus, Nakral, Staplemouth, Toobz, Wormhole & Abomination

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